The LIDL Swim Challenge races take place from the Praia da Ribeira, in the middle of the bay of Cascais. Cascais is a former fishing village that has a history dating back more than 650 years. It is the former summer residence of both Portuguese and foreign royalty. A superb site, with white sand beaches, and innumerable activities - in which all the family can take part - available to it, make this race location incomparable.

Inspirational and unforgettable scenarios

The LIDL Swim Challenge races shall involve inspirational, unforgettable scenarios and incorporate one or two swim laps, together with a beach based start and / or transition(s).

Awe-inspiring but safe

The swim courses are fully patrolled and the race location is considered to be one of the best and safest places in the world for open water swimming.

Swimming for all fitness levels and degrees of competitive experience

Sea swimming, and the direct contact with nature that it entails, is enormously satisfying. Using a wetsuit helps not only to protect the swimmer from the cold but can lead to an increase in bouyancy and, consequently, speed: creating a sensation of safety that is extremely gratifying. Descend to the aquatic plane and sense the energy of the Ocean.

World Open Water Swimming Series

Cascais forms part of the World Open Water Swim Series. As such it is proud to be considered to be one of the top sixteen open water swim course locations worldwide.
* Due to major reasons, the LIDL Swim Challenge organization may change race courses.

Welcome to the biggest open water

swimming events in Portugal!










1Km / 1.9Km / 3.8Km

The 1km, 1.9 km and 3.8 km races are open to all and wetsuit use is permitted. Both the inter-swim lap zones and the finish line are situated on land, allowing our viewing public to easily accompany their heroes. The 3.8 km swim constitutes a challenge that necessitates a fair amount of prior training to be accomplished, and is therefore recommended for experienced athletes only. Solely swimmers who are accredited with their respective open water swimming federation, and pre-acclimatised to the prevailing conditions, may undertake the swim without wearing a wetsuit.

KIDS - 200m / 400m

The experience that no child shall ever forget- swimming in open water. Being in direct contact with the forces of nature, whilst learning to respect the sea, should be great for your child´s self-esteem. The self-belief that he or she acquires through sport will spill over into other areas of his or her life. Accompanied by an adult or within healthy competition, it is here that your child will gain his or her “gills!”


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LIDL Swim Challenge 2021
Results and Photos

The LIDL Swim Challenge Cascais 2021 results and photo gallery are now online.
LIDL Swim Challenge 2021

LIDL Swim Challenge 2021
Registration is open

Registration for the biggest open water event in Portugal, is now open.

Swim Challenge is Cancelled

Swim Challenge and Passeio do Inferno - Cascais are Cancelled.